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4B Newland Science Park

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At Flex Health, we provide a distinctive Home Physiotherapy service. By literally bringing your treatment to you, we ensure stress free sessions at your convenience. We are able to bring some of our state-of-the-art equipment into your home, while also providing other manual and physical therapies to maximise on your functionality after illness or injury.


 Arranging physio at home with one of our Flex Health physiotherapists means that we do all the travelling so that you don’t have to! If your condition is particularly debilitating, then home visits can take away the need for leaving your home comforts while still receiving much needed therapy and rehabilitation.

You will still have access to much of the same treatment that you would at our facility, with our team able to provide you with manual therapy, physical therapy and time on our FES bikes. FES cycling can be especially helpful for treating patients with little to no mobility as it keeps you fit while also treating the secondary health implications associated with immobility.



Patient centred treatment

 Many of our patients have reported feeling more comfortable talking about their condition when they are in a safe space such as their home. This willingness to talk means that we are able to get a better idea of how we are going to deliver your treatment, in a way that suits you. At Flex Health, client focused treatment is at the core of our method, so the better we know you, the better we are able to support you to optimum function.

Having access to the home can also ensure that your physiotherapist has a clear view of the difficulties that may arise from moving around your home, and tailor your treatment accordingly. This can help you to better understand what you are able to do within your own environment and your physiotherapist can advise on how to adapt your home to better support your condition and rehabilitation. We are also able to show you how you can apply your treatment to your everyday life and any activities that you do around your home.

Time management

 If you are struggling with time constraints or if you don’t have anyone to watch the children while you attend physiotherapy, then a home visit could be the answer! By taking away travel time, your appointment will only last as long as you are booked in for, allowing you to get straight back to what you were doing after we have left.

Reduced stress

 After sustaining a serious musculoskeletal or neurological illness or injury, you may be prone to higher levels of stress as you deal with the effects of your condition. Home physiotherapy aims to reduce these stress levels through treating you in the place that you are most comfortable: your home.

At Flex Health, we aim to make your treatment as stress free as possible- regardless of the setting. However, when we visit you at home, we will be able to ensure that your care does not interrupt your normal routine. The stressful organisation of travel arrangements can also be removed, meaning that you won’t have to rely on anyone else to get you to our Flex Health treatment centre.




Home-based physiotherapy comes with many benefits, offering personalised treatment, better convenience, and reduced stress. At Flex Health, we are able to offer you physiotherapy in your home that doesn’t take away from the impact of the treatment. Our physiotherapists can bring you the same great service into your home, ensuring that we are able to maximise on your rehabilitation as we support you back to optimum function.