Everything you need to know about Frozen Shoulder from the team at Flex Health, Physiotherapy in Hull, Yorkshire.

Flex Health, Physiotherapy in Hull, Yorkshire tell you about the symptoms surrounding Frozen Shoulder. Frozen Shoulder (FS) is characterised by severe shoulder or upper arm pain. Ultimately restricting your shoulder movement.

The pain suffered from FS can often be felt down the arm, and are commonly exacerbated with fast, jolting or unplanned movements, resulting in sharp pain. Sleep is also commonly affected regardless of the position you take up.  

It is unknown what causes the injury. However, it is thought by professionals to be associated with a traumatic shoulder injury.

Frozen Shoulder | Flex Health, Physiotherapy based in Hull

FS is a clinical diagnosis meaning imaging is not required and diagnosis can be made by your physician or physiotherapist. This is generally done by taking a patient history and completing a series of physical tests to confirm the diagnosis. 90% of people with FS will recover with non-surgical intervention – meaning physiotherapy is the best option for you to significantly reduce your pain and return to normal functioning.

Our physiotherapy in Hull can help you with choosing appropriate management options – these include: 

  • Advice and education 
  • Resistance exercises 
  • Stretching 
  • Mobility exercises 
  • Joint mobilisation

If this sounds like the shoulder pain you are currently experiencing, do seek medical advice from one of our clinicians (contact us) so we can help you make sense of your pain and get you back on the road to recovery!