Active Therapy for Osteoarthritis

Treating Osteoarthritis with Active Therapy for Pain Relief and Improved Function   At Flex Health we do things a little differently. We have a bespoke rehabilitation gym, which means we work with you to complete a full rehab session. Gone are the days that Physiotherapy sessions are just for being shown what to do at home….. […]

Flex Health going international!

Flex’s first in-house rehabilitation project has started. Being specialist in sports rehabilitation, Detroit City Football Club got in contact to see how we can help with a long-standing groin injury. Working with Hull University we have secured onsite accommodation for a 4-week intense rehabilitation course to get the player back to full fitness. Landin on […]

Weekend Seminar 10th/11th February 2018

Complex Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation of Sporting Injuries Flex Health is hosting a weekend seminar on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of February on the complex injury assessment and rehabilitation of sporting injuries. For only £100 participants will get 13 CPD hours and a certificate of course completion. The course is aimed at student and […]

The use of Ice baths and are they worth it……?

A view from Professional football   There has been plenty of topical discussion about Cryotherapy within the media and medical discussion boards recently. I would love to tell you that this is a fairly new argument but I would be wrong in saying that as this debate has been going on for decades. Having worked […]

The new Flex Building

Hi All!!!! We are so excited for you to see the final pictures of our new physiotherapy practice located within the grounds of the University! We are official partners with the University  and are located at the following address: 4B Newland Science Park Inglemire Lane HU6 7TQ And last but not least, our favorite bit […]

Hamstring Injuries and how to rehab them

How to Rehabilitate Hamstring Injuries Having worked in professional football for Hull City for over 11 years, we have seen our fair share of hamstring-related injuries. Hamstring injuries within professional football are the most common muscle injury and rehabilitating them is our bread and butter. However, let’s have a look at what the hamstring muscles […]

Why Flex……. ? and who are we?

So by now you may have seen numerous video posts and social media content about how we differ from other Physiotherapy clinics in the area. The reason for this is our passion for exercise based rehabilitation which comes from many years of experience in elite sport. Having a total of 20 years experience in elite sport and healthcare we have […]

Flex FES

A condition known as ‘Drop foot’ is a common side effect from those suffering the aftermath of a stroke. For the patient, it means there is a problem in lifting the foot and toes properly which can affect walking and may lead to trips and falls. The reason that this condition occurs, is because the […]