About Flex Health

Flex Health is one of the region’s leading providers of specialist physiotherapy.

With a combined 20 years experience within professional sport, we work with all of our patient’s and athletes to manage their symptoms and aid recovery by combining  clinically led, research-based hands on physiotherapy services, using the latest treatment technology.

We support our patients from our purpose built facility that caters for the rehabilitation, management and recovery of injuries and disability.

Established in 2015, we have already worked with high profile stars including British Title Contender Tommy Coyle, professional football players, professional rugby players, squash and tennis players as well as helping a number of individuals gain a better quality of life through our consistent care approach. We work closely with the PFA, LTA and RFL.

Meet the Team

Our team of experienced professionals can get you back on the road to recovery.

Alex Chester

Alex Chester

Senior Therapist & Founder

5 seasons with Hull City including a FA Cup Final gives Alex a vast amount of experience with functional rehabilitation and soft tissue therapies.

Combined with his experience with the New Zealand Rugby League team and other professional sport ensures a constant professionalism and the best treatment for every patient.

Matthew Booth

Matthew Booth

Physiotherapist & Director

Matthew graduated from York St John in 2012 and has worked in professional sport for five years. He commenced working for Hull City Tigers football club where his role was to oversee the medical needs for the reserve and first team squad. After two years he was promoted to head academy Physiotherapist and was responsible for the medical needs for all players from the under 9 to under 23 age group whilst still being heavily involved with the first team squad.
He has recently completed his MSc in sport and exercise medicine from the university of Birmingham.

He has also worked with professional athletes in boxing, rugby league and union, motorsport, squash.

Imogen Fryer

Imogen Fryer

Lead Neuro Rehabilitator

Imogen is our Lead Neuro Rehabilitator and has extensive experience treating a range of disabilities and injuries.
Focusing on providing exercise rehabilitation to maximise independence and mobility Imogen is able to help patients improve their health, well being and quality of life.

Our approach

We believe in treating our patients like professional athletes with an intensive hands on physiotherapy approach. With a combined 20 years working in professional sport, we know this philosophy works.

Traditionally a physiotherapist will see a patient once every 1-2 weeks; we believe isn’t enough to maximally facilitate rehabilitation effectively, especially within the most crucial phases of healing.

Flex Health sets itself apart by delivering elite consistent care by seeing the patient 2-4 times a week to provide optimum rehabilitation and address the needs of healing and remodelling tissue.

We provide a service that replicates the care of professional medical teams within sport, ensuring patients see a therapist 2-4 times a week dependent on their needs. This intense approach to rehabilitation significantly reduces the time an injury will impact upon a person’s day to day life making it very cost effective in both the short and long term.

By ensuring the acute stages of healing are managed correctly the later stages can be self-managed much more easily without the need of constant care and pain relief.

Our process

The most crucial period with any injury is the initial and early stages. Our acute management allows us to better manipulate the way damaged tissue responds to treatment. This allows for a faster better recovery that provides effective long terms results.

Treating patients like professional athletes requires expertise and experience but also the latest technology. At Flex health we offer the latest in ice and compression technology with our 10 Squid Compression Units that combine ice and compression reducing pain while increasing oxygen and nutrient content increasing the speed of recovery.

In addition to the Squid machines we have the latest functional electrical stimulation (FES) equipment which has been proved to improve walking gait, dexterity, quality of life and muscle strength in patients.